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16 years in marketing

We know what you need, we are here since a long time.

Our 16 years of experience in marketing we use daily, to ensure that all customers are provided with services perfectly tailored to their needs.

The real estate sector is our specialization and our competitive advantage - efficiency and consistency of purpose.

Our offer - online

Marketing strategy Marketing strategy

Blue Ocean Strategy, after which our company took its name, implies doing something that no one else on the market does, and therefore a breakout from the competition and leaving it far behind.

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SEO - positioning SEO - positioning

The main task which we set ourselves while planning activities in the field of SEO is the highest position of your site for keywords you have chosen.

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Web design Web design

Designing a website is the first step in the process of creating a professional website, which would effectively present your company and present its offer.

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SEM - sponsored links SEM - sponsored links

Sponsored links are text or image ads shown on Google search results. They are considered the most effective form of online advertising.

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3D visualizations 3D visualizations

Visualization nowadays is an integral part of creating projects.It is an excellent way to stimulate Internaut’s imagination to be able to look ahead and see how the project will present before it is completed.

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HTML5 creations HTML5 creations

Graphic advertising is one of the forms of communication, which reception on the Internet is considered to be the easiest. With HTML5 technology we create dynamic creations such as banners, billboards, skyscrapers, rectangles, advertising pop-ups, and other custom forms.

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Our offer - offline

Fairs / events operation Fairs / events operation

Drawing extensively from the creative approach to the creation of spatial forms of advertising, we also prepare projects of exhibition stands for any kind of event, in particular, for real estate.

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Print Print

Printed materials are still the most popular choice among promotional tools, for many companies. While preparing this kind of performances we pay special attention to the fact that each element has been carefully designed or selected. We prepare all the projects ready to print according to customer specifications.

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Large prints Large prints

For those who appreciate the advantages of outdoor advertising we create large projects whose aim is the rapid transmission matched to the location and type of exposure.

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PR Services PR Services

Public relation is an effective form of communication with the market environment and the key target groups of customers. We develop and execute both: comprehensive communication strategies for companies as well as individual public relation projects.

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